The Founder’s Background

Mr Ahmed A.R. Buhari, the 3rd son of the Legendary Late Al Haj Dr. Buhari Seyed (BS) Abdur Rahman of Tamil Nadu, India. He comes from the lineage of the Buharia family who, in the 12th century, migrated from the Middle East to the coastal town of Kilakrai in Tamil Nadu. The rich connection between the Middle East and the Indian continent is seen in the Group’s strong presence both in India and in United Arab Emirates.


Establishment of the Coal & Oil Group

As great believer in India, particularly South India, Mr Ahmed A R Buhari started pursuing the Energy Business (Coal & Power) since early 1990s. He visualized the creation of an ‘Integrated Energy and Infrastructure Company’ that started with coal related activities. This included cross border Trading, Shipping, Logistics and Power Generation,which led to the formation of Coal and Oil Company, Coastal Energy, Coastal Energen, Fossil Maritime, PT Coal & Oil, East India Energy, forming the Coal & Oil Group.



Since its formation, the Group steadily made remarkable achievements such as the below:

  • 1998: Founding of Coal & Oil Group
  • 2000 to 2002: Supply of coal to some of the major power players in India.
  • 2003: Acquisition of First Vessel
    MV“Coastal Pride” (71K DWT Grd PMX)
  • 2004: First Long Term Fuel Agreement
    India’s 1st Long Term contract for imported coal with Tata Power
  • 2006: Establishment of Coastal Energen Pvt Ltd
    Coastal Energen Pvt Ltd (ENERGEN), the Power Generating Flagship Company was set up in India with offices in Chennai and Tuticorin.
  • 2007: Land Acquisition for Power Plant and Industrial Parks
  • 2009: Financial closure for Energen
    Achieved financial closure for USD 850 million at the peak of global financial crisis.
  • 2010: Awarded International Coal Trader of the Year
    The Group was recognized for its commitment to excellence and received McCloskey’s International Coal Trader of the Year award.
  • 2010: Setting up of Mutiara Thermal Power Plant (MTPP)
    The construction of 1200 MW (Phase 1 – 2 x 600 MW) Mutiara Thermal Power Plant in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India begins.
  • 2011: Establishment of East India Energy Company
    East India Energy Company was set up in Singapore to handle the Group’s coal activities and to better serve its growing businesses in Asia-Pacific countries including Southeast Asia, Australia and the Far East.
  • 2013: Group Crosses annual volume of 10 million tons
  • 2014: Commencement of MTPP Operations
    The Group achieves commercial operations of the Unit 1 of 600 MW power plant.
  • 2015: Signing of MOU with Government of Tamil Nadu for expansion of Phase 2 – 2 x 800 MW
  • 2016: Commissioned Unit 2 of 600 MW at MTPP