President’s Message

Dear All,

We established Coal and Oil Group in 1998 and have, since then, taken giant strides to emerge as a globally established Integrated Energy and Infrastructure Company. We are among Tamil Nadu’s largest IPPs and one of India’s leading importers of coal having transacted over 75 MMT. We are also heavily invested in bringing further economic and social growth to Tamil Nadu through our evolving master plan for the 120km Madurai-Tuticorin Industrial Corridor.

This growth that has been attained only because of the unflinching support of our Clients, Shareholders, Partners, Suppliers and other Stakeholders. We are guided by the principle of ‘Mutual Benefit’ which has helped us with strong and sustainable relationships that gives continued success.

I am very excited for the future of our Group. We are now in a critical moment in our Group’s history. The strong demand for energy in the Indian subcontinent and the Asia-Pacific region will only grow as time progresses. The power consumption in India is expected to increase from 900 units per capita to 2,000 units per capita. This will drastically push the demand for coal. With the now prevailing market conditions, we may be able to see an unprecedented growth.

With these growing energy requirements in mind, our priority will be to increase our cumulative coal imports to over 30 MMT in the next five years. We will soon commence Phase 2 of our IPP project to develop a 1,600MW expansion to the Tamil Nadu Thermal Power Plant project. This will take us closer to our vision of powering up Tamil Nadu and providing every household with ample electricity. I am confident that we will achieve this by investing in trusted relationships that will help us develop world-class projects.

Not to forget environmental concerns, our aim is to provide cost-effective and eco-friendly energy solutions and at the same time facilitate socio-economic growth in India and the global communities. I am confident that we will succeed in achieving this aim with your continued support.

On behalf of everyone at the Coal & Oil Group, I want to thank every Client, Shareholder, Partner, Supplier and other Stakeholders who continue to place their trust in our organization. Thank you.

Your Sincerely,
Ahmed A. R. Buhari

Biennial 2013 237

Ahmed A. R. Buhari
Founder,President and CEO
The Coal & Oil Group