Fuel Management Services

Energy Management

Energy Management is a key solution we offer our clients. Our goal is to ensure that energy is utilized in the safest, most cost-effective way. Our ability to transfer, allocate and convert energy by integrating the right products, expertise and technologies enables us to solve a variety of energy problems. Our ability to provide integrated energy solutions from sourcing to generation makes us the preferred energy solutions partner for numerous companies involved in power generation, cement, steel, chemical, paper and other crucial manufacturing sectors.

Coal – Free on Board Basis

Through our ability to provide Free On Board (FOB) shipping, we’re about to source and deliver coal to almost any destination in the world. Our long-term relationships with leading suppliers and producers in over 10 nations across and in-depth knowledge of coal produced from over 100 different mines across the globe make it possible to provide suitable, scalable energy to a variety of industries.

Coal and Freight

Transportation and logistics costs can have a tremendous effect on the ability of organisations to trade, transact and function efficiently in today’s global business climate. We maintain close relationships with some of the top shipping operators across the globe, making it easier for our clients to transport coal freight at the most cost-effective rates.

Boiler Consultancy

Boilers are business-critical pieces of equipment that are complex to maintain and operate and incredibly expensive to repair. But that’s only one part of the problem. The real losses comes from lost revenue resulting from service disruptions. Our boiler consultancy services will ensure that your organisation’s boilers are constantly maintained, inspected and tested to perform safely and consistently.

Turnkey Power Solutions

Access to reliable supplies of power is critical to public and private sector economic growth, especially in developing areas of the world such as frontier markets in remote destinations. We are dedicated to providing turnkey solutions that commercial, utilities and government organisations need to power their continued development. We can provide cost- and fuel-efficient turnkey energy solutions ranging from power generation and construction to operations and maintenance.