Mutiara Thermal Power Plant

Mutiara Thermal Power Plant (MTPP) is a 1200 MW(2×600 MW) coal based thermal plant located in the Tuticorin District of Tamil Nadu. It is mega project of Coastal Energen Private Limited – a flagship power generation company of The Coal and Oil Group. An investment of US$1.3 Billion, it is one among one of the largest independent power producer in South India and among the first mega projects that has been commissioned out of the 30 which received facilitation letters from the Government of Tamilnadu over the past 15 years.

MTPP now supplies power to Tamilnadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) under a 15-years Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that was signed on 19 December 2014, besides plans to sell in the states of Telangana, Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala, etc.,.

Unit 1 of 600 MW started operations and successfully commenced supply of power to TANGEDCO from 23 December 2014 onwards. Unit 2 of 600 MW went live on 16th Jan 2016.

At 275 meters, MTPP tops not only the Imperial Tower I of Mumbai, but also world famous structures such as The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Qutub Minar in Delhi and the Big Ben Clock Tower in London. With the potential to expand up to 4,000 MW, it will be able to supply power to people of Tamilnadu and beyond.

Front view of BTG

A World Class Environmental Friendly Power Facility

MTPP runs on several environmentally friendly measures. One such facility is the 13,000m³ per day seawater reverse osmosis-based desalination plant. Seawater reverse osmosis is known to be a viable long term solution to water scarcity. Also, this system avoids potential damage that can result from releasing water that is still too warm into the environment.

The other feature is the electrostatic precipator filters dust and other fine particles resulting in no smoke being emitted from the chimney resulting in no air pollution.

Along with these, a very unique aspect MTPP is the greening efforts that are made through the planting of the trees across the land MTPP. Intensive tests are done to select plants that are suitable for the soil in MTPP. And, utmost care is given to ensure that these trees grow well. The trees will create a cooling atmosphere around the plant and keep the air in MTPP and the surrounding clean.

Every guest who visit MTPP play a part in this imitative by planting a tree at the end of the visit. The trees are then labelled with their guest’s name for memories and as significance of cultivating a long term relationship.

Power Generating Capacity

The first unit of 600-MW Mutiara plant went live on December 23, 2014, and has generated over one billion units over three months. with a revenue of over Rs 500 crore ($ 81 million). The second unit of 600-MW Mutiara plant went live on January 2016.

The group plans to expand the power generation facility by setting up a new 2 X 800 MW state of art power unit in the same location. The cost of the expansion is estimated to be around Rs. 12,000 crores (USD 2 Billion). An MoU was signed with Government of Tamil Nadu during Global Investor’s Meet Sep 2015.

MoU Signed with GoTN