Fuel Management

C&O Fuel Management services assist clients to source, supply and reduce fuel costs thereby improving their manufacturing productivity, reducing down time and yielding higher profits and gaining savings.

C&O team of specialist understand the different coal grades and how the changes in the composition of coal can affect firing and burning characteristics. They will help to obtain optimum efficiency from your boiler, kiln and furnace of various specifications.

Boiler Consultancy

Boilers are business-critical equipment that require complexed maintenance can be expensive to repair. That is only one part of the problem. Many companies do not realize the actual losses in revenue that comes from service disruptions caused by the frequent repairs of the boilers. The boiler consultancy service ensures that our clients’ boilers are constantly maintained, inspected and tested to perform safely and consistently.

How have C&O solutions helped clients?

  • Saved approximately Rs3,600 crores per annum for a large State power utility
  • With the support of  C&O Fuel Management specialist team we saved about Rs. 360 crores per annum for a large Independent Power Plant by changing the fuel from oil to coal
  • Introduced new origin coal to replace petcoke for a large private cement company resulting in a saving of Rs. 50 crores

Turnkey Power Solutions

Access to reliable supplies of power is critical to the economic growth of public and private sectors. C&O’s Turnkey Power Solutions are for commercial and government organizations within the power market. Cost-effective solutions range from power generation, operations as well as maintenance.